Film, sports, and food come together at FOX Sports House

Several new shows are premiering on FOX later this year. Sunday’s event highlights a few of them.

Nossa Chape means "our team." It's a film by Jeff and Michael Zimbalist and tells the story of the Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense's tragic 2016 plane crash in Colombia.

"I think it was a really special opportunity to premiere it at South By because it's not an English language film it's entirely in Portuguese it's shot in mostly Brazil and parts of Colombia and Spain. So it's such an international film so it was nice to premiere it at a festival that may not necessarily cater to that,” Michael says.

The crew just finished filming a couple of days ago and premiered the documentary Saturday night at SXSW.

Michael says the most emotional moment of filming was going to the site of the crash, going to the game that was supposed to happen and speaking with first responders who were there after the crash.

Nossa Chape will air on FOX Sports during World Cup.

“The idea was to get the ball rolling get some momentum and get the ball rolling and hopefully launch the film in an effective way,” Jeff adds.

But it's not the only project the directors are working on. They also have their hands in a second fox sports production - a World Cup docuseries called PHENOMS, featuring commentary from over 60 players and shot in 20 countries.

David Worthen Brooks is an Executive Producer for PHENOMS and is also the VP of FOX Digital Studio. “Of those 60 over the time we've been following them, 12 have gone from low leagues to massive clubs. We have seen massive elevation of their contract worth. It’s an amazing journey to follow with these players.”

Mario Melchiot is also an Executive Producer for PHENOM, and a former professional soccer player.

"It’s something about this project that makes it different for parents and kids that want to achieve similar success that I have even bigger things that I have achieved. And I think for them to really understand the world of futbol I don't think any one else explained it to them. The game, the attention to the game keeps them growing."

PHENOMS will air May 25th on FOX and FOX Sports 1.