Manager of food truck involved in Barton Springs crash speaks out

We're learning more details about the crash on Barton Springs Road Friday night involving two vehicles and a food truck. Eleven people were hurt, two of them critically. Many of the injured were pedestrians.

Officials say it started with a T-bone crash.

"One of the vehicles was pushed into a group of pedestrians that were near the food truck," Capt. Christa Stedman with Austin-Travis County EMS said.

Nine people were taken to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries.

"That was actually a quarter of our ambulances available for that one call," Selena Xie, present of the Austin EMS Association, said.

Pamela Littlejohn is the general manager of the food truck involved, Holla Mode. She says four of her employees were working Friday night. She says they're physically okay but shaken up.

"It was traumatic to hear the shaken voices, and it was horrible to know that something horrific could've happened to them physically, but again we've got mental health issues that I'm concerned with for these kids," she said.

Littlejohn says the staff members are young, many of them in their first job. She says she doesn't want the crash to be a grey cloud over the business, and they normally embody ice cream and fun.

"That's what we're about. I mean the extra whipped cream, and sprinkles, and just great things, I just kind of feel like last night and this morning, we don't have our sprinkles right now," she said.

As for drivers, Littlejohn says, "people have to slow down."

Nearby food truck workers describe what they saw and how they feel being so close to the crash.

"I hear some car was running very, very fast, and when I turned my head, I see a truck, a white truck all speed, and later, two seconds later, I hear the crash. I saw too many people hurting," Waneryi Caprio said. "We were scared. It was very close, and we have too many people right here."

"My first thought, thank God it wasn't me," another food truck worker said.

Language service provider Sorenson says ten of their employees were among the pedestrians

They were in Austin for the DeafNation Expo. 

In a statement on their website, CEO Jorge Rodriguez says, "We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. Our hearts are with those in the Sorenson family who sustained injuries and with those impacted by the event. We continue to support them on their road to recovery and healing."

Police say it's still very early in the investigation. It's not clear if anyone will face charges.

10 Sorenson Communications employees among those injured in Barton Springs Road crash
11 people injured following crash on Barton Springs Road, ATCEMS says

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