Fort Worth PD officer fired after shoving handcuffed prisoner, not reporting it to supervisor

A Fort Worth police officer was fired for shoving a handcuffed prisoner to the ground, face first, which knocked him unconscious, and then not reporting it to supervisors.

The department released security camera video of the incident from January, which shows the prisoner was knocked out the moment he hits the floor.

Police said officer Mitchell Miller did not report the "use of force," even when a supervisor asked him directly about it.

The prisoner was being taken in for public intoxication.

He turned to Miller before being shoved, but the department did not release what he said or did that may have provoked Miller's response.

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Miller's actions were reported by another officer. It’s not known if it is the second officer in the security video, who seemingly had no reaction initially to what happened.

Miller was placed on restricted duty after the incident.

According to the department, he was previously disciplined for violations with another prisoner.

Fort Worth PD sent this incident to the district attorney's to consider criminal charges against the fired officer.