Funeral held for Round Rock teen hit, killed by man driving stolen car

A funeral service was held for 14-year-old Victor Soto, who Round Rock police say was hit and killed by a man driving a stolen car on July 31.

Court documents show that Soto's mother was looking for him after he had gone missing, and his phone location led her to the scene of the crash at the intersection of Louis Henna Boulevard and La Frontera Boulevard.

On July 31, a Round Rock police officer was trying to pull over 24-year-old Leandro Brito-Martinez, who officials say was driving a stolen car. Brito-Martinez fled, swerved through traffic, ran a red light, hit a car, and ran over and killed Soto, who was walking in the crosswalk.

Soto's uncle Jorge Rodriguez says, "No parent should have to bury their child."

"It's a terrible tragedy," Rodriguez adds.

More than 100 people showed up for Soto's funeral, including his classmates.

Friends and family described Soto as an athlete who had been boxing since the age of eight.

Soto was also an artist, loved to game, read, and cook, and those who knew him say he loved to learn. He was about to start high school and was excited to play football.

"He was an all-around well-rounded guy," Rodriguez says.

Friends say Soto was "really funny" and made them "laugh all the time."

Soto was known for his energy, strength, and determination and family members say while he left the world at a young age, he left behind an example to follow and inspire others.

Brito-Martinez reportedly told officers that he had warrants and that's why he ran. He has been charged with murder.