Georgetown goes "green" with energy efforts

Wind and sunlight can power anything from cell phone chargers, bikes, and next year, possibly nearly 50,000 Georgetown residents' homes.

"We signed a wind contract, about a year ago to be able to take some wind from West Texas and we've been looking for option to compliment the wind," said Jim Briggs, Interim City Manager.

Briggs did not have to look far when he realized the effect solar energy could have on the city.

"What we'll see is a very flat rate, electric rate for people that are on our system."

That message was music to longtime resident Maggie Cobelli's ears for reasons beyond keeping a predictable electric bill.

"I feel like it's a really good idea and it's really good for the environment," said Cobelli.

Georgetown will be looking to West Texas to get their wind sources and that wind would complement the energy given off from the sun.

"The wind profile in that area will produce most of its energy late afternoon, evening, solar will be able to produce the highest in the late afternoon."

Right now the city is running on the typical natural gas system, which is non-renewable, so many years from now, when it runs out, it's gone forever. .

"We're one of the first to go 100 percent renewable in the state"

Georgetown could be setting a new standard, by using the energy of the future.

The plan will be up and running early next year.