Georgetown ISD opens new agriculture barn

The Georgetown ISD population has grown throughout the years, and so has the agriculture program.

Students and parents say this program helps students become more responsible for their animals and more confident in the classroom.

"This facility is our agriculture science facility. This is where we house all of our supervised agricultural experiences, that are swine and lamb and goat. So the kids, they invest lots of money into projects to complete them and then get awards for them," said Renae Bowie, the agriculture science teacher at East View High School.

In 2021, Georgetown voters approved a $330 million dollar bond package that would include new facilities in the district to keep up with the population growth.

The Ag Barn at East View High School is the first of five GISD facilities to open.

"We have a livestock course that the kids can come up to the barn, look at livestock, and get hands on with them. Our students who house animals here at this facility, they bought them. And this facility is actually kind of a closed protected facility, so we can protect their investments," said Bowie.

Students from East View and Georgetown High School are sharing this facility until the one at Georgetown High is built. Students say this has been a fun way to bond with other students who have a passion for FFA.

"In the mornings I feed and then clean his water or my goat's water out. And then at nighttime, I work with him. Make sure that he is braced correctly, feed him, clean this pan water again," said Georgetown High School student Wendy Drews.


Georgetown High School assistant principal Davin Vogler says many people in the district are not aware of the program because it’s not in an accessible location. With this new addition, he hopes that will change.

"What's happening in the classes isn't just about farming and ranching. It's the meat industry, it's the business, part of it is communications, part of it, and how that all relates to the world of agriculture," said Vogler.

"Having this facility benefits our students. It benefits our kids and their education, and learning about where their food comes from," said Bowie. "How do we become good stewards of the land? And agriculture is the foundation of our life. We would not be here without agriculture. So, this CTE program is vital to the success of students of GISD."

The Georgetown High School Ag Barn is expected to open next fall.