Georgia student spearheads inclusive playground campaign

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A Georgia fourth grader is going above and beyond for his classmates.

Arcado Elementary School's Zeph Everson spearheaded 'Recess for All,' a campaign to get the school an all-inclusive playground.

"Recess is the best part of the day and I think everybody should be included," Zeph Everson said.

The nine-year-old said he noticed many of his classmates were sitting on the sidelines during recess.

"These woodchips are like quicksand for my friends in wheelchairs," Everson said. "It makes it almost impossible for them to play during recess."

So Zeph wrote a letter to his principal sharing his concerns and his ideas on how to make the playground area more accessible.

"We need rubberized flooring and these woodchips have to go," Everson said.

"When I got the letter I was amazed to see how empathetic Zeph is to his classmates," Principal Penny Young said. "Normally we raise money for technology but after speaking with him I knew we needed to put that money towards an inclusive playground because the overall well-being of all the students would increase tremendously."

Through Zeph's movement and with tremendous donations from the community, they've already raised tens of thousands of dollars, but still have a way to go.

"It will cost about $150,000," Everson said. "But I know if everyone who sees this just donates one dollar we can go from $36,000 to the final goal in no time."

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