"Ghosted" comes to FOX 7 this fall

From normal to paranormal. That's the slogan and theme of one of Fox's newest shows, “Ghosted.”

“It is an action, Comedy mixed with a little bit of Horror, a little bit of Sci-Fi,” said Adam Scott, actor.

The series follows the adventures of two kidnapped opposites turned partners, who suddenly work the bureau underground, solving supernatural mysteries.

“I imagine a dorm room full of college kids cracking up at this,” said Craig Robinson.

“It's really fun and genuinely scary. We wanted it to be genuinely scary,” said Scott.

The chemistry between Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, couldn't be more real. They worked on a few movies together, including Hot Tub time Machine 2.

The duo says audiences will love the laughs and some of the scenes were more authentic than expected.

"On the day he slapped me it was real. When we came to his turn, all of a sudden the camera angles were better,” said Robinson, laughing.

“That was weird, when it was my turn they were like, we don't need it to be real. But I slapped you like 15 times," said Scott, talking about Robinson.

Ghosted premiers October 1, only on Fox 7.