Good year for fireworks

Fireworks distributors say the chilly, wet weather--while uncomfortable--will make for a great new year's for pyrotechnics.

American fireworks owner Chester Davis said the more powerful fireworks that shoot multiple, large booming displays really high are safe to shoot right now because of our recent rainfall.

He said in years past, those fireworks would not sell because users were fearful of the dry conditions.

Still, he said be sure and pay attention to the wind. Wind is of concern for everything down to sparklers. He had this safety advice as well.

"We suggest you have a designated shooter. We also suggest you take about a gallon of water with you so that you can pour on the firework if it is still burning a little bit, kind of wet it down. And most importantly pick up your trash. Make sure they're out," said Davis.

The Austin Fire Department warns you cannot use or possess fireworks within the city of Austin. You may use items such as sparklers and others that are not classified as common fireworks. Look for a "safe and sane" seal.

If you are caught illegally using fireworks you face a fine of up to $500.  If you damage property you could face serious charges like arson.

Remember to call 311 with illegal fireworks complaints, not 911.