Are GOP lawmakers vindictive?

"You're with us, or you're against us." That was the message from the Florida Governor last week to the Walt Disney Corporation. 

Florida lawmakers stripped Disney of its self-governing authority after Disney said it was against the controversial parental rights and education bill. Disney also said they would work to fight against the bill's implementation because of its anti-LGBTQ wording. Gov. Ron DeSantis said Disney crossed a line for making those remarks.

In February in Texas, members of the UT Faculty Council said they would not adhere to any critical race theory restrictions on the grounds of academic freedom. Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick strongly opposed this, saying the professors couldn't hide behind academic freedom, and announced he would eliminate the tenure protection rule in the next legislative session. 

These recent circumstances bring up the following question: are GOP lawmakers vindictive? 

Katy Naranjo, the Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, and James Dickey, CEO of JD Key Communications, join FOX 7's Mike Warren to discuss.