Gov. Abbott's deadline to address homeless issue in Austin arrives

November 1 was the deadline Governor Greg Abbott gave the City of Austin to fully address the homeless issue in the city.

Recently it was announced that TxDOT will start clearing out homeless camps located under highway overpasses on Monday, November 4. Officials say that it will only be for that day and that there will not be a repeated event.

After the cleanups happen, according to TxDOT there is no law currently that wold stop homeless people from returning to the same spot.

17 different homeless camps around the city will be cleaned up. Signs notifying the homeless started going up earlier this week.

Some of the people that spoke to FOX 7 Austin said they were packing up their items and moving but they stressed that if they didn't find a place they would most likely return after the cleanup.

During the cleanup, supporters for the homeless will be on site to help with different services. 

Personal property collected will be stored at a TxDOT location for 30 days.



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