Recent changes to homeless ordinances go into effect

The City of Austin will begin enforcing its camping ban today after it was reinstated following a record number of resident complaints.

Camping is banned on city sidewalks near homeless shelters in and around downtown as well as in areas that are at risk of starting wildfires.

In addition to no camping, sitting or lying will also be banned. That's if a homeless person is within 15 feet of the entrance or exit of a business or home.

Tomorrow (10/29) crews are expected to remove tents and other types of camping gear that is around the ARCH. Extra space has been set up inside the shelter as well as at two other facilities to accommodate those who need it.

The removal was set in motion after Austin City Council reinstated a partial ban on outdoor camping in public places. 


Austin City Council makes changes to camping ordinances

The last time the Austin City Council tried to clarify the changes was in a September meeting. Discussions fell apart, and nothing was decided on. On Thursday, Council started with several different viewpoints of what should be done. 

Many who have been living on the streets say it's hard finding a new place to live with short notice.

It's not clear if the changes are going to be good enough for Governor Greg Abbott. The governor's office says the November 1st deadline to fix the problems is still in place.


Governor Abbott pens second letter to Mayor Adler concerning homeless

In the letter, Governor Abbott states that the homeless crisis poses "substantial public health and safety problems that must be addressed by the City Council."



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