Governor Greg Abbott signs anti-smuggling legislation into law

Governor Greg Abbott has signed anti-smuggling legislation into law.

The governor signed Senate Bill 576 which will crackdown on human smuggling in Texas. It enhances the criminal penalty for human smuggling when a payment is involved. 

SB 576 also eliminates the requirement of proof for prosecution that a smuggler intended to receive payment for the crime of human smuggling.

Abbott said SB 576 "will help us crack down on human smuggling and keep our communities safe."

The governor signed SB 576 after meeting with McAllen city officials.

Abbott met with McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos and other city officials to discuss McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley's ever-growing economic and cultural impact in the state of Texas. They also talked about border security. 

During the discussion, the governor presented a proclamation and a Texas flag to Mayor Villalobos to congratulate him on being sworn in as the mayor of McAllen earlier this year.

"McAllen is essential to the success of the Rio Grande Valley and the entire state of Texas," said Governor Abbott. "Texas would not be the nation's economic leader in exports without the people of McAllen, which is why it is so important that we continue to work together to ensure an even more prosperous future for this city and the entire Rio Grande Valley."


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