Hundreds of cars damaged by hail at Round Rock dealerships

Hundreds of vehicles at four Round Rock dealerships were damaged by hail overnight.

The damage was illuminated by the parking lot lights at the Honda, Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai dealerships owned by the Penske Auto group.

Throughout Monday morning, cars were moved to a large lot a few blocks away and a large amount was brought in by noon.

An early estimate by one general manager is that as many as 800 vehicles were damaged by the hailstorm. John Wilkes watched the process going on in the lot from the back of his building.


"Beat up bad? Yeah. The insurance guys are going to be busy for a while," said Wilkes.

After the damaged cars, trucks and SUVs are assessed, many will be hauled away. Replacing what was lost could take weeks and that will hurt the sales team, which typically is paid on commission.

"I feel bad for everybody. It's. It's going to be quite a bit of cleanup," said Wilkes.

The storm moved from the car dealerships into a nearby business district where a lot more than vehicles were damaged. A path of debris went right up to A-TEX Pest Management.

"Yeah. We were lucky. There was only a couple of lead vehicles In our parking lot at the time. So two of them have significant damage. But we're we were fortunate that we didn't have more vehicles here because we do have a lot of vehicles," said company president Jason Napolski.

The business building took the hardest hit.

"And so we got people coming out this afternoon. And but like I said, on my inside, it took a pretty good beating on the roof, and it knocked everything down onto the floor," said VP Chris Meador.

Napolski went on to say it is business as usual, despite the damage. 

City vehicles did not go unscathed by the hail, which pounded several parked across the street at Round Rock's central fire station. There were deep dents and smashed windshields; most of the damage was done to support vehicles used by the fire marshal.

A Williamson County spokesperson told FOX 7 Austin 11 county vehicles were damaged, including two ambulances and three law enforcement vehicles.