Texas Hill Country dodges major ice storm after temperatures drop drastically

A frozen mist settled over the Texas Hill Country Thursday. As it slipped through slow churning wind farms different amounts of ice accumulated across the area.  

It made an ice scraper a valuable and important tool. A cracked windshield was the largest claim so far for Goldthwaite insurance agent Chip Head.

"Anytime you get freezing you’ve got the issue of busted pipes slips and falls from an insurance standpoint anyway, it wasn’t quite as bad didn’t anticipate it has been as near as bad as last year just because the weatherman," said Head.

It doesn’t take a lot of ice to isolate small towns. In Lometa, Mayor Stephen Hicks spent the day driving around town, checking roads and checking for damage.

"It was cold, watching the weather you would think we were fixing to get hit again, we did everything we could to be ready for it. I was just glad to see that it stayed north of us," said Mayor Hicks.

For the most part, the ice covered vehicles as well as some patios and sidewalks. In Marble Falls, major roadways remained open. There were some incidents that required first responders.

"I think we just got lucky, mostly. I thought it was gonna be worse than what it was today, but we’ve been good so far," said Lometa Police Chief Melissa Cantu.

Some landowners took advantage of the wintry mix and burned brush. Others had to buy more wood to keep their homes warm.

"I think it got down to about 22 degrees now I’m waiting for everything to thaw out so I can get back to work," said Ken, a resident.

The weather also threw the Giddings High School baseball team an unexpected slider. The coach told FOX 7 their tournament game Thursday in Brownwood was rescheduled to Friday.

"You know with this group it’s been such a long wait since last year you get here you know it’s going to be bad weather, so they are pretty amped up to get to play baseball and be out of school today get to go on the road a bus trip. It’s exciting for those guys," said Adam Bloodworth Giddings HS head baseball coach.

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