Hillary Clinton gets star power at Austin rally

As Super Tuesday gets closer, candidates are getting in their last bid for Texas votes. Here in Austin, longtime friends and supporters of Hillary Clinton held a rally today for the Democratic candidate.

Clinton is getting some star power as Ted Danson. Mary Steenburgen, and America Ferrera spoke out for Clinton at a restaurant this evening.

It didn't take long to get the crowd going once the three actors walked in the door.

The "Austin for Hillary" group put this event together here at Scholz Garten. Danson, Steenburgen, and "Ugly Betty" actress America Ferrera took the stage and spoke about their personal backgrounds and beliefs about Clinton.

Ferrera told her story of being from an immigrant family who came from the Honduras. She talked about how Clinton's stance is a powerful one for women.
Danson and Steenburgen elaborated on their longtime relationship with the Clinton family that dates back 38-years for Steenburgen and 22-years for Danson.

“I’ve known her the last 22 years of my life. I've never met anyone more trustworthy who says she will do something, and she does it,” Danson said.

“We have just fought a lot of battle for people together. She obviously has done way more for the world than I have, but I've always been inspired by her,” Steenburgen said.

Clinton has a busy schedule over the next few days leading up to the election. She is set to be in Birmingham, Alabama Saturday.