Holiday pie display in northeast Austin encourages people to connect

A holiday yard display is catching the eyes and touching the hearts of many people in northeast Austin.

The giant slice of pumpkin pie sits in front of a large letter written from a mother to her son Bobby, thanking him for helping through her battle with cancer.

In front of the display sits a mailbox, encouraging people to write to "Bobby" about their own experiences and loved ones.

Bobby, according to one of the artists Caro D'Offay, is fictional and based on things that have happened.

A few of the letters left for Bobby talk about people's own experiences with cancer, including one someone wrote about their father who died of cancer earlier this year.

"You know that when he's reading the letter and he's writing this message, that he's thinking about the good times that he had with his dad and the idea that we get to provide him that opportunity, that's really something," D'Offay said.