How to help hurricane evacuees here in Austin

There are here are a number of ways you can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey here at home.

Volunteers at the Central Texas food bank spent Tuesday morning packing hygiene kits to send to thousands taking shelter in Lake Conroe, north of Houston.

"This morning we shipped approximately 24,000 pounds of protein to San Antonio to help them. We've agreed to take in five emergency truckloads of supplies for Houston and store them here till they're in a position they can store and accept them themselves,” said CEO Derrick Chubbs.

Food bank CEO Derrick Chubbs is asking for financial donations, ready-to-eat food and volunteers to sort the items.

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In East Austin donations poured into the Austin Disaster Relief Network's thrift store.

"As we started to hear about shelters opening in town we wanted to make sure the people when they arrive in Austin had stuff because it seem like they were coming with nothing. Just wanted to do as much as we could,” said Macon Blair.

People pulled up to the receiving dock with cars packed full of supplies. Right now the most critical needs are hygiene kits and cleaning supplies.

"Seeing the people having to have boats come and pick them up and take them out at the house and the destruction they're having to go through just if bringing a box of diapers helps that something simple just trying to help,” said Lee Eddy.

"People are at the end of themselves when they're coming. They're desperate,” said ADRN Founder and Executive Director Daniel Geraci.

Executive director and founder Daniel Geraci said the call center is preparing for up to 40,000 to reach out to them for help.

"Just the other day we had over 160 people from Rockport come in and they had nothing but what was on their backs and we're able to give away $17,000 in gift cards along with our emotional and spiritual team pull them out of their trauma and now they're comfortably in a shelter,” said Geraci.

Geraci is in need of financial support and volunteers in addition to thrift store items.

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In North Austin, the Austin Diaper Bank is loading trucks full of diapers to send to shelters across the state.

"It's a basic need and they have so many things they're worried about right now. We don't want them to have to worry about diapers,” said Executive Director Holly McDaniel.

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