Idaho father wins lottery -- for the sixth time

It's nice work if you can get it.

Bryan Moss, who owns Newko Sport and Nutrition health store in Meridian, Idaho, won $250,000--his largest haul-- from a crossword scratch game on Thursday, according to a news release from the Idaho Lottery.

It was the sixth time Moss won a prize and the first time he took home the top prize.

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"I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools, that’s really why I play," said Moss.

He posted his winning ticket on Facebook Thursday, which drew a reaction from some of his friends. 

"Congratulations! Can I give you money to play for me? I definitely don’t have that kind of success lol," one user wrote.

"I've tried playing for others it doesn't work lol," Moss jokingly responded. 

Moss, who plays the lottery regularly, said he plans to use his winnings for his daughter’s education, according to the Idaho Lottery. 

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The odds of winning the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game $250,000 Crossword are 1 in 152,433.

His ticket was purchased from an ExtraMile in the city, which the lottery said will receive a bonus of $20,000. 

Meridian is located about 10 miles west of downtown Boise.

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