Illegal dumping infests Pflugerville neighborhood

Illegal dumping is a problem plaguing a neighborhood in Pflugerville.

Mounds of trash are littering alley ways and residents are hoping for the city to put a lid on the issue. Those who live nearby the illegal dumpsites say they sometimes pick up the trash themselves, something they say they shouldn't have to do.

Regina Greene, who lives by some of these dumpsites, says it’s a problem you will smell before you see it.

"It gets really bad when the wind blows," said Greene.

Everything from couches, tires, rotten food, and even mattresses can be found. Some of these, according to Greene, have been sitting here for a couple weeks.

Most of the people dumping illegally, according to Greene, aren't neighbors.

"They don't live here, they may have at one point in time and know it's an easy place to get rid of their trash but a lot of people come through here and dump their trash," said Greene.

Greene reached out to the city for help.

"They said they can see what they can do about it evidently the trash is still here," said Greene.

FOX 7 also reached out to the city, who says they are aware of the festering problem. FOX 7 crews even saw code enforcement making rounds in the area.

The city declined to go on camera but released this statement:

"The city code enforcement has been working with homeowners in the Windermere subdivision as illegal dumping is taking place in the area.  Residents there must sign up for trash service from the city to receive pickup. Code compliance is out in the neighborhood today working to provide information to neighbors about trash service requirements because of the nuisance violation caused by illegal dumping in the area.

Typically, trash is included on the water and wastewater bill from the city and is a way to guarantee a resident will be registered for city of Pflugerville trash services. In this instance, water and wastewater are provided by a separate company, Windermere Utilities, and the bill is administered to customers in that area of Pflugerville.  Trash service is not a part of the utility bill, but a separate service residents must sign up and pay to receive. The city is working to remedy the problem through education and enforcement through the code compliance division.”

Right now, Greene has just one request: 

"For this area to get cleaned up, and stay cleaned up because right now we're dealing with varmints, rats, I mean everything you can think of," said Greene.

As the trash continues to pile up, the thinner Greene says her patience gets.

The city did not say if or when the trash would be picked up. They did say they are issuing fines.

Those who come across illegal dumping are urged to contact city hall at 512.990.6100