Jury reaches verdict in Mark Norwood trial

The jury reached a verdict in the Mark Norwood trial on Friday. Norwood was found guilty of Capital Murder.

Norwood was on trial for the 1988 murder of Debra Baker. She was found beaten to death in her Austin home. At the time, Norwood was a construction worker and lived near Baker. He was indicted after a hair from the crime scene was allegedly linked to him.

Baker at the time was the mother of two and had recently separated from her husband.

Norwood is currently serving time for the murder of another woman, the 1986 killing of Christine Morton. That case initially resulted in the wrongful conviction of Morton's husband. 

Michael Morton served 25 years in prison for the Williamson County murder.  He was cleared by the DNA evidence which would eventually convict Norwood. 

Before the DNA evidence broke open this case, the Baker murder had been one of APD’s long unsolved cold cases. Bringing the case to trial has been a long journey for Baker's family.