Kaitlin Armstrong trial: Prosecution’s witness presents timeline of the day Moriah Wilson was killed

The prosecution in the Kaitlin Armstrong trial presented a summary of evidence they said puts Armstrong at the scene when Anna Moriah Wilson was murdered. The defense argues it's far from conclusive.

The jury has heard from DNA experts, gun experts, photo data and GPS analysts, as the prosecution tries to prove their case. The defense said it’s all circumstantial evidence.

Phone records from accused murderer Kaitlin Armstrong, her ex, Colin Strickland, and her perceived romantic rival, Anna Moriah Wilson, were analyzed and put on a timeline. 

Pamela Mazak, a criminal intelligence analyst, presented the data. It’s a summary of what prosecutors said happened before, during, and after the killing of Wilson.

The timeline started in October 2021. Armstrong’s phone texted Strickland about him going to a café with Wilson. The prosecution claimed Armstrong confronted Wilson and told her to back off that day.

The timeline then moves to the day of the murder, May 11, 2022. The first text from Wilson’s phone to Strickland’s was at around 9 a.m. The phones exchange several texts, then plans are made for Wilson and Strickland to meet up.

A little before 6 p.m., Wilson and Strickland’s phones are seen moving together away from the home she was staying at. They’re then in the area of the Deep Eddy Pool.

At 6:24 p.m., Armstrong’s phone called Stricklands, but there was no answer. Her phone then sends a text, still no answer. Less than 10 minutes later, Armstrong’s jeep is on the move and her phone data is then turned off.


By 8 p.m., GPS data showed Armstrong’s jeep in the area of where the murder happened.

About 30 minutes later, Wilson is back at the home she was staying at and gets on her phone.

Meanwhile, Strickland’s phone is sending Armstrong’s texts with no answers.

Wilson sent her last text at 9:13 p.m. Just two minutes later, screams and gun shots are heard on a neighbor’s surveillance camera. The GPS tracking from Armstrong’s jeep showed it left the area shortly after that.

The defense noted the presentation doesn’t indicate Armstrong was the person driving the jeep or using the phone.

Court starts back up on Wednesday, Nov. 15.