Large fire in East Austin destroys buildings and cars

Investigators from the Austin Fire Department are trying to figure out what started a major fire Wednesday morning. It happened at 6400 Wilcab Road in East Austin.

AFD believes some type of landscaping or construction business operates on the property.

Multiple firetrucks were called to the scene with at least two dozen firefighters needed to fight the flames.

The fire started just before 3 a.m. Wednesday morning. It was so large someone driving along 183 was able to see the smoke and flames and then called 9-1-1.

When firefighters arrived multiple buildings were on fire, as well as several vehicles and one mobile home with two people inside. The two people were able to get out safely and there are no reported injuries.

Captain Josh Portie from the Austin Fire Department says the fire was widespread and nearly everything on the property was fully engulfed with flames.

FOX 7 talked to Jimmy Luna, a neighbor, who said he heard at least three explosions right before the fire.

"We heard an explosion. It went boom. And we all came out, started calling the next-door neighbors to come out of their houses," said Luna.

Captain Portie says explosions with this type of fire are common. "With any fire, a fully involved structure fire you're going to hear explosions."

"With this particular one, multiple structures, vehicles, and construction type debris; I would guess there would be multiple explosions that were heard from the area. Tires blow up and make a lot of noise. Even discolored flames, nasty smoke I would expect all of that to be heard and to be seen," Capt. Portie adds.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

It's still unclear what type of business it is but FOX 7 is told everything on the property is a total loss