Leander seeing increase in car thefts, burglaries

Thieves have their sights set on cars in Leander

"We’ve obviously had a population boom out here in Leander and we’ve had an increase in car burglaries as well," said Lieutenant John Lauden with the Leander Police Department.

Leander police said they’ve seen an increase in both car burglaries and car thefts in the city. 

"(Some people) left the keys inside or they left the key fob inside a car and somebody checking the door handles, finds an open car, starts it up and away they go," said Lauden.

For this year they are reporting 146 vehicles burglarized and a total of 32 vehicle thefts.

The biggest advice they have is something as simple as just locking their cars, this could be a big deterrent for thieves. "Most of these incidents are crime of opportunity where they come by check the doorhandles and the car is open," Lauden said.

Leander police said they’re not only increasing enforcement in neighborhoods across the city, they are also calling on their volunteer citizens on patrol to keep an eye out. "Which is a volunteer program program they actually of a car that they go out and help us patrol. They are an extra set of eyes and ears. They help us out by being aware as well," said Lauden.

Law enforcement agencies across the state recommend you start a routine in the evening of locking your cars as most of these crimes occur after the sun goes down.

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