Llano River flowing into Lake Travis

The Lower Colorado River Authority is closing some parts of the lakes in Central Texas, to boaters.

Areas closed until further notice include:

  • Lake LBJ from Lighthouse Drive to Wirtz Dam.
  • Lake Marble Falls from the Highway 281 bridge to Starcke Dam.

The L.C.R.A. says the closures will "remain in effect until further notice".

In a statement, they added:

Lake Travis remains open. Three floodgates from the Mansfield Dam pouring into it. The L.C.R.A. opened them on Monday to help relieve some of the water that's filling the Lake.

All of the water that's making it's way downstream into Lake Travis is actually coming from the Hill Country. The Llano River nearly doubled in height in 3 hours on Tuesday, rising from 3.5' to 9'.

The water passes from Llano down into Lake LBJ through the Wertz dam. It then moves on to Lake Marble Falls and eventually dumps into Lake Travis. The L.C.R.A. says Lake Travis already full and then some.