Local foundation raises more than $30K to help house homeless

More than $30,000 has been raised for a local foundation working to help house Austin’s homeless population. This comes after voters passed Prop B which reinstates the City’s homeless camping ban.

Around 150 people call Camp Esperanza, a state-sanctioned encampment off Highway 183, home. The Other Ones Foundation has set up shop inside the camp to help people living there.

"We've built hygiene facilities, we have mail service, internet access, and we coordinate with other groups to do food access," said Max Moscoe with The Other Ones Foundation.

The foundation works to get people back on their feet by providing work opportunities and also feel a little more at home with their newest project building personal individual shelter units.

"Getting folks out of tents, out of the elements and into a place with a little bit of stability where they're able to do the work to eventually move off this site and into stable housing," said Moscoe.


Right now, Moscoe says they have 30 personal individual shelter units, but eventually, want to build 200.

Ed Espinoza has been an active volunteer with The Other Ones Foundation. He says he knew they were going to need help once Prop B passed and the homeless camping ban goes back into effect May 11th, so he created a fundraiser on Facebook to help.

"I put an ambitious goal of $5,000 to raise over two weeks and by the time I got up on Sunday morning, it hit the goal," said Espinoza.


Not only did the fundraiser hit its goal, it has so far raised $30,000 in just three days.

"I think that no matter what side of the debate you're on for Prop B, whether you were for it or against it, I was against it, people just want to do something. They want to do something to help others," said Espinoza.

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