Lori Vallow murder trial day 21: Woman claims 'Doomsday mom' threatened to kill her

A day after jurors heard a portion of a podcast featuring Lori Vallow and two other witnesses, court was back in session Wednesday in the murder trial of the so-called "Doomsday mom."

Audrey Barattiero, an old friend of Lori's, took the stand on May 3, telling a jury that Vallow threatened to kill her.

On Tuesday, the judge allowed the jury to hear a portion of a podcast featuring Vallow, Melanie Gibb and Jason Mow, where they talked about their religious beliefs. Defense lawyers believe the podcast will educate members of the jury, but prosecutors believe this was a strategy for Vallow to get statements in without taking the stand. 

We’ve been waiting for Lori Vallow’s niece Melani Pawlowski to take the stand, but instead, Melani’s husband Ian Pawlowski testified.

The judge was aware that Melani listened to her ex-husband's testimony and saw some headlines on the trial. Being exposed to testimonies or coverage, would violate the "exclusionary rule" and eliminate her as a witness.

Meanwhile, Ian Pawlowski testified he never saw Lori Vallow’s kids JJ and Tylee, and Lori allegedly never mentioned them.

Ian also told the court about the alleged light and dark spirits rating system. He said he heard about it through Melani who learned it from her aunt Lori and her new husband Chad Daybell.

Witnesses have testified that she called JJ and Tylee zombies before they were killed. Investigators asked Ian to record Lori and Chad’s conversations which he did for a short time.

Barattiero, Lori's former friend, testified saying she stayed at Lori’s home briefly in October 2019, and decided to end the friendship before Lori threatened her life.

"She said that she would cut me up and something about that she wasn’t in the mental place to do it, but she would get herself in that place to do it. She didn’t want to have to because it would be so messy and there would be so much blood and bleach and something about trash bags. She would bury me where no one would ever find me," Barattiero recalled.

As for the recordings Ian did for law enforcement, Vallow’s defense says they want the evidence recovered and admitted into evidence for cross-examination.

We should find out more from the judge on whether he allows Melani to testify. 

Vallow is accused of killing her two children, 7-year-old J.J. Vallow and 16-year-old Tylee Ryan. She is also accused of conspiring to kill her husband Chad Daybell's ex-wife, Tammy.

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