Loved ones of man killed in North Austin mark his 31st birthday

The family of Barry Dockery, Jr. is speaking out after he was shot and killed two weeks ago

Police say on March 18, they got a call that someone had been shot multiple times and was lying outside a home on the 300 block of Deen Avenue. 

Five days later, the U.S. Marshals Service arrested Brittney Curry for the murder. She is being charged with first degree murder.

Dockery's family and friends did a balloon release on April 1, what would've been his 31st birthday. 

"Today's his birthday, then I'm going to have to bury him next week, so I'm really going through it," his mother Renesia Francis said.

"RIP Barry," Dockery's friend Kandace Williams said.

Francis says this was her first reaction. "It's hard. It's hard when I heard the news. It's hard as the days go by that he's not here," she said.

The details are still under investigation.

Dockery leaves behind a loving family and two children. "They had a daddy, that was their daddy, and he loved his kids. He did whatever he could do for his kids," Francis said.

Family members share their favorite memories of Barry and how they remember him. 

"I hope everyone remembers my cousin in good spirits and that he had a good heart, loved his kids, he loved singing, and music," his cousin Marquet Howard said.

"I sure miss cooking up them eggs for you boy, I always had your order ready, because I know you wanted five eggs, and bacon, and toast, and I miss you coming to the house," his grandmother Shirley Hunter said.

"Love. He was a loving person," his ex-girlfriend Kristie White said.

"He took care of everybody," Francis said.

"He was a good person, loved his kids, loved his family," his uncle Brian Howard said. "The whole family got love for him."

Francis says this would be her message to the suspect. 

"I hope God puts in your heart, if you watch this, to see my pain. My pain is hurtful, I can't sleep at night, nor can I eat, I mean, it hurts. I don't want to hurt your family, I don't want nobody else hurt, but it hurts, nobody should go through this," she said. "I deserve peace of mind as I'm trying to lay my son down."