Detectives still investigating 25-year-old cold case murder in Round Rock

Twenty-five years ago in Round Rock, someone discovered the body of 35-year-old Sharon Russ McCool. Her case still remains open today.

On July 24th, 1998, landscapers contacted the Williamson County Sheriff's Office about a body they had found.

"They located a body in a field at Conchos Valley Drive and Great Oaks Drive, which is near Round Rock, just west of I-35," said WCSO Det. Craig Hunter. 

Today, this area of Round Rock is a residential area, but back in 1998 it looked a lot more remote and desolate and because of the time of year, the body was hard to identify.

"The body was decomposed and mummified. And again, in Texas, with the heat in July, and so we did a forensic autopsy and also had an anthropologist look at the body," Det. Hunter said.

Through documents and dental records, they were able to identify the body as McCool. Investigators also determined she had been murdered and died of blunt force trauma.

McCool's brother Andrew Russ spoke with FOX 7 Austin about his sister.

"My sister Sherri was an amazing person. I was the baby of the family and my mom was a single mom," Russ said. "And my sister took so much time with me. And I actually learned how to walk hanging onto my sister's pants legs. She was a good person. She made some bad decisions in life. I think all of us do."


Det. Hunter says the investigation revealed McCool's street name was "Crazy Sherri." "She was in illegal activity of drugs and prostitution. She was frequently in the area of South Congress and also near Rundberg and I-35 area," he said.

Detectives were told by a witness that they last saw McCool getting into a car with a man and are trying to find out more about that person and the car she was last seen in.

"Regardless of her transient life and other illegal activities, she was a mother. She was a sister, and she was a daughter and certainly didn't deserve this. The crime itself was vicious and brutal and horrific and certainly didn't deserve this," said Det. Hunter. "And we're hoping somebody will come forward that was aware of her, of Crazy Sherri during that time frame in that location."

Andrew Russ says he just wants to know why someone did this to his sister.

"I do think they need to be held accountable. You know, I mean, like, my sister made plenty of mistakes. Hanging out with the wrong person was probably who killed her," Russ said. "But, you know, I can say that hopefully that person will find it in their heart to tell the truth and give the family some peace of mind. So no more of us have to go to our graves wondering what happened."

Anyone with any information regarding the murder of Sharon Russ McCool is asked to call WCSO at 512-943-5204 or contact Williamson County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-253-7867 or online