Moms for America demand Texas lawmakers take action to secure southern border

Moms for America held a press conference at the Texas Capitol to demand safe, secure borders.

They demanded that lawmakers take swift decisive action to end the epidemic of fentanyl overdoses and the trafficking of women and children.

"They have all these criminals coming across just committing crimes that they just want to," said Marie Vega, an Angel Mom with the Remembrance Project. "They took my son for a stupid lousy truck."

Moms of America is "a national movement of mothers to reclaim our culture for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution," according to the organization's website.

On Saturday morning, Moms of America remembered those who were killed along the border.

"My son was a casualty of this war," said Kelly Perry, Moms For America Border Security Specialist Border Security. "He was a 19-year-old brilliant boy stolen by fentanyl, his name is Tucker Rowe."

The Remembrance Project is an anti-illegal immigration non-profit based in Houston.

When talking about the Remembrance Project, Maria Espinoza, the project's national director, reminded other moms in the room that former president Donald Trump supported their organization.

"He signed a proclamation for our request recognizing the first day in November as a national day of remembrance for Americans," she said. "Our own governor could not do that."

After the press conference, Moms for America gathered in front the steps of the Capitol to call out Governor Greg Abbott and other state elected officials to take action. They specifically called on the Texas legislature to secure the passage of Texas HB 20, which will create a Texas border protection unit.

"He failed to take real action," Espinoza said. "I know all about operation lone star, but that did not stop the invasion that actually helped bring people in and process them quicker."


There have been over 350 thousand border apprehensions and more than 25 thousand criminal arrests since the launch of Operation Lonestar.

"And they have seized enough fentanyl to kill every man and women, child in the entire United States of America," Governor Abbott said.