More than 100 roosters, hens rescued from cockfighting ring in Hays County

San Marcos Animal Control seized more than 100 roosters and hens this week after Hays County sheriff's deputies busted a cockfighting ring. The flock birds are rehabilitating with the San Marcos Regional Animal Center.

It’s a call Animal Protection Supervisor Steven Heath said the shelter was not prepared for but knew they could be with a little help. The shelter reached out to the public for donations on Facebook and Heath said within days they received more than 500 pounds of feed and supplies.

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"We are grateful to the community, something that started out negative, this will end up being positive," Heath said.

The roosters and hens were lined up underneath tents, wrapped in blankets and towels. Heath said for the most part roosters are well taken care of except for the measures the owners take to prepare them for the fight. Many of the birds had their combs, waddles, and spurs cut off.

Heath said it's difficult to see animals come in, in terrible conditions but he finds solace in knowing they are now in better hands.

"I wasn't out there every day to see how the person was taking care of it but I know here they are getting fresh clean water. They are being given some quiet some solitude and a good home,” said Heath.

The chickens will remain with the county until the owner's case is settled in court, after that they may be looking at greener pastures, with a rescue or be available for adoption.

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter has a wish list the public can donate to year-round.