New filing in Rodney Reed case

The attorneys for convicted murderer Rodney Reed say they've uncovered more evidence to prove Reed is innocent. They are now quoting the widow of an officer who was apparently investigating another man for the crime.

In March of 2014, Maria Bryant Fountain spoke with FOX 7 about the murder of her husband, Giddings Police Officer Gary Joe Bryant. He was killed on the job in 1996.

In January of this year, Fountain was interviewed by an investigator from the Bastrop County district attorney's office and a detective from the Giddings Police Department.

According to a new court filing, Fountain stated that at the time of her husband's death, he was investigating fellow Giddings PD Officer Jimmy Fennell for the murder of his fiance Stacey Stites.

Fountain is quoted as saying, "he said that Jimmy was the one who killed her."

She went onto say that when she retrieved her husband's briefcase on a tip documents from the investigation were inside she said quote, "everything was gone."

An officer told her he believed her husband may have been murdered because he was investigating Fennell, but she did not feel that was correct.

Rodney Reed is currently on death row for Stites' murder.

Reed told FOX 7 in February that he and Stites were involved romantically up until two days before her body was found.

"It wasn't me. Absolutely not. I had nothing to do with it," said Reed.

According to reed's attorneys, the timeline of events points to Fennell as the true killer.

With the revelation of an investigation by the Giddings police officer, Reed's attorneys want to speak three former Giddings officers including Bryant's best friend--who apparently knew of the investigation.

Also listed is the former Giddings city manager and Jimmy Fennell himself.

Fennell is currently in prison serving time for sexually assaulting a woman while he was on duty as a Georgetown police officer.

We're told the court may respond to the request of reed's attorneys within a reasonable time frame.