North Texas mom celebrates special Mother's Day after 118-day COVID-19 battle

It was a special Mother’s Day weekend for a woman finally home after a long battle against COVID-19.

FOX 4 first reported on Erika Bazan in April. At the time she was finally well enough to share her COVID-19 story.

Her whole family tested positive on Christmas week. When she started having trouble breathing, her husband rushed her to the hospital.

It was downhill from there, with doctors even warning her family that she might not survive.

"I was fighting. Yeah, the best way I can describe it is clawing my way back. It was, I was hanging on to whatever I could hang on to," she said.

Bazan spent 118 days in a hospital and rehab. She went months without seeing her 13-year-old daughter because of visitor restrictions and even had to learn how to walk again.

She’s now finally back home with her daughter, Lauren, and husband, Cary.

Family and friends celebrated her return with a drive-by parade on Mother’s Day.

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