Palmetto police officer saves man's life

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A Palmetto police officer's quick actions help save a man's life. Police said the man had cut his arm so badly that he was bleeding to death right in front of his family's eyes. Thankfully, one officer was prepared to handle the situation.

There are possibly hundreds of stories of courage and heroism like this one from various law enforcement agencies.

Chris Coulter is a veteran officer in the Palmetto Police Department. He has served both as a Marine and an Army Soldier. Has been to war-twice: once as a Marine, once as a soldier. He said the wound, in this case, was like something you’d see in combat. And lucky for this victim, Officer Coulter had the training and experience to deal with it.

Photos from that night are grim and disturbing. A Palmetto man’s life was quickly flowing across the entry hallway, massive bleeding from a severed artery when he put his arm through this door window. Time was almost out when Palmetto Office Chris Coulter arrived.

A laceration that deep, Fire Chief Henry Argo said the next step must be the both quick and right.

Chris Coulter saw combat as a Marine in Operation Desert Shield and as an Army soldier in the war on terror. He has military first aid training. His quick thinking, experience, and a common suit belt saved the man’s life.

Palmetto honored Officer Coulter along with firefighter/paramedic Ashley Donehoo. She applied a medical tourniquet and helped stabilize the man.

Officer Coulter said the victim’s family told him he’s going to okay. It was a 12-inch laceration with extreme blood loss. He’s expected to recover and may even regain the use of his arm.