Pflugerville couple still seeking justice for kids killed in crash

It has been five months since 17-year-old Le'Nyce and 15-year-old Lee Anthony Fisher passed away, but the pain is still fresh.

"My wife was at work, and I was on the road, I own my own trucking business. I was on my way back to Austin when it happened," said their father Lee Fisher.

Back in November, Le'Nyce was driving along Pflugerville Parkway after picking up her brother, when a car ran a red light and hit them. The driver stayed on scene. Pflugerville police said the investigation is ongoing.


"They had assured us that they had an airtight, thorough investigation, they were going to present everything to the DA so they can move forward, and that still hasn't happened. Here we are five months later and there hasn’t been any charges," said Fisher.

The Fishers said they have not heard any updates lately, however, they are hoping the district attorney can hold the driver accountable.

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"I feel like the young man should be held accountable. I feel like he needs a check and balance in his life," said Fisher.

Lee Anthony was a star student and athlete. "My son, he was the jokester. He would give you the shirt off his back," said Fisher.

Le'Nyce had many aspirations. "Le'Nyce was a hard worker, driven, looking forward to graduating with her class of 2021, going to TSU, studying family law, looking forward to becoming a judge," said Deanna Fisher, the kids’ mother.


The Fisher family is not asking for much, just that justice be served on behalf of the two young lives taken much too soon.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza’s office about the latest on the case. He said they are waiting for the Pflugerville Police Department to finish the investigation.