Pflugerville PD used National Night Out to promote unity

Local police departments in the area including Austin, observed National Night Out.

Unity, strength in numbers, and faith. Those are just some of the things Pflugerville Chief Jessica Robledo says are themes for this year's national night out

“What I love about National Night Out is you get to know the people and connect with them,” said Robledo.

The event is a chance for departments to get out to neighborhoods and businesses, and simply talk to citizens.  Pflugerville is a city of close to 60,000, but it's growing and so is its police department. That's why Robledo hopes to connect with her community and build good relationships.

“Especially now with everything that's going on, I run into folks at restaurants, and they're concerned about what's going on,” said Robledo.

The shooting in Las Vegas, was miles away, but the event impacts all Americans. Robledo thinks it's important to have National Night Out in this time of grief.

“There's fear of the unknown, people are scared to go out. ACL is coming up, some people are canceling getting their money back, but you can't give in to evil,” said Robledo.

“They talk about community policing, community policing. All that means is that you're involved in the community. I walked up here and knew the guys, plus my kids know the guys,” said Rudy Metayer, Pflugerville citizen.

Sometimes one of the best ways to heal is to sit down and talk with an officer.

“With every tragedy and disaster that happens, look at the goodness in people and how we come together,” said Robledo.