Pflugerville road rage incident leaves Austin man’s car riddled with bullet holes

An Austin man said he simply honked at another driver for cutting him off Sunday on I-35 in Pflugerville when the situation escalated to a road rage shooting.

Orion Keeter was driving to Pflugerville with his girlfriend to meet his parents for lunch when he was getting ready to exit off of Wells Branch where he said a car cut him off and nearly hit him.

"I gave it just a quick honk of the horn, the guy swerved back over really quickly and I didn't think anything of it, just a quick, 'hey man what are you doing?' and continued on my way," said Keeter.

However, the situation didn’t end there. The driver began to follow him, pulled up beside him and then the passenger leaned over and pulled out a silver handgun. 

"No warning, nothing just as soon as I see that gun, it's quick succession of three shots, boom, boom, boom," said Keeter. 

The first bullet shattered the passenger side window and flew out Keeter’s partially opened window. The second pierced the passenger side door. Keeter said his girlfriend’s saving grace was the leather trim. The bullet pushed through the side panel, causing the door handle to break off and land in his girlfriend’s lap. 

Keeter slammed on the brakes, called 911 and accessed the damage.

"People honk their horn all the time, I see people honk their horn for literally no reason sometimes other than just to honk their horn,” Keeter said. “To just to see people completely react over nothing is atrocious."

Keeter was unable to get the driver's license plate number but he took note of the car. The suspects drove an early 2000's grey Toyota Corolla, four-door sedan with a front bumper busted out on both sides.

"To have somebody just immediately their response is to shoot out of instant aggression, that's somebody we do not need in this society," said Keeter. "You never expect it to be you and you always hear outlandish crazy stories. We’re just grateful, it could've been a lot worse and it wasn't."

The Austin Police Department is investigating the road rage incident as an aggravated assault case. No arrests have been made, anyone with information is asked to contact the APD Aggravated Assault Unit at 512-974-5245.