Pope Francis sends words of comfort to Bush family

From the leader of the world's billion plus Catholics came words of comfort for a grieving Bush family and the community that the iconic former first lady Barbara Bush claimed as her own.

"His Holiness Pope Francis offers heartfelt condolences and the assurance of his prayers to President Bush and all her family," said a statement from The Vatican.

For many of his six decades in Houston, Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Fiorenza watched with admiration as Barbara Bush propelled, through sheer force of personality, her passion for improving lives.

"Mrs. Bush was a powerful witness to the whole community and was an involved citizen," described Fiorenza. "She could have sat back and enjoyed the rest of her life with her husband, but she wanted to be involved. She wanted to do what she could to be a faithful citizen, not just any citizen, but a faithful and involved citizen here in Houston and in that regard she has given a powerful example to the whole community."

Beyond her consistent example of kindness and the countless books she brought to those without, Fiorenza sees Barbara Bush's dedication to family as her most enduring legacy.

"The main reason for the Bush family to be so honored in our history is Barbara Bush," added Fiorenza. "She was a rock. She was a driving force. She was an inspiration and the greatest amount of credit has to be given to Barbara Bush."