President Trump heads to metro Atlanta to court Black voters

In an attempt to chip away at the Democratic base, President Donald Trump is set to return Friday to where he founded his ‘Black Voices for Trump Coalition’ nearly one year ago.

The Republican leader will be discussing black economic empowerment, unveiling his ‘Platinum Plan’ at the Cobb Galleria Friday afternoon. You can expect the heaviest traffic between 1:30 and 4 p.m.

He spoke exclusively with FOX 5 last year, telling Good Day’s Alyse Eady, “While we’re doing well overall, African Americans are doing proportionally better, and they’ve done better than they’ve ever done.”

Real Clear Politics shows a single point spread between the presidential candidates. And while Georgia is now considered a battleground state, Republican strategist and Georgia Gang panelist Janelle King predicts Trump will see more than double the support from black Georgians this November, compared to 2016 when he earned less than ten percent of the black vote.

This estimate is notably in contrast to local polls, which show African Americans overwhelmingly backing Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“President Trump definitely started this conversation around making sure we pull the African American community from underneath the umbrella of minority,” King said,” and kind of focus on the priorities and issues of what our community feels should be priority.”

She cited criminal justice reform and historically black college and university funding as examples.

Biden has also been fervently courting black voters this week, unveiling several new campaign ads to blanket the Peach State's airwaves.

The Biden camp also released a digital ad in Georgia, featuring a black veteran from Duluth.

U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester is Biden’s campaign co-chair and has ancestral ties to Georgia.

She is hoping to move the needle enough to land Biden as the first Democrat in nearly three decades to win Georgia in a presidential election.

“I think Georgians see that in him, they know he will be able to unite people, whether it's the farmer in Georgia to the person who is running that studio in Georgia,” the representative from Delaware told FOX 5’s Emilie Ikeda. “He can bring people together and I think we need a healer right now.”