Proposed road projects worry some Wilco farmers

In Williamson County, a series of proposed corridor projects are in the early stages. But while planners say they want roads to keep up with growth, some citizens believe the county will intrude on their farmland

Cindy Cervenka has always loved the farming life, and her kids are the third generation of farmers on this land.

“We have this farm here because the federal government came and built Granger Lake over the original family farm,” said Cervenka.

Now, the Taylor farmer feels that their legacy on this Blackland Prairie soil could be threatened.

Williamson County officials are studying several roadways to see how they can improve and create fluid corridors. Officials say the county roads aren't enough anymore. “This came very unexpectedly,” said Cervenka.

“It would be irresponsible if, as a county and county leaders, we didn't look at the future growth and how we're going to handle that,” said Larry Madsen, Williamson County commissioner.

The county is looking at several areas.

Cervenka and her family live right here along the proposed areas for study, labeled A-1 and E-1.

Nothing is set in stone, the county says, however, Cervenka hopes they consider who they could affect by developing there. “Somebody needs to take a stand for rural America because we are important too. It's not just us who are important but it's our land that's important,” said Cervenka.

“From the time I could remember anything I've been running around on this property right here,” said Abigail Cervenka, Cindy’s daughter. Cindy thinks growth is good, but there are other ways the commissioner and other officials can handle it.

“I believe his hearts in the right place,” said Cervenka, speaking of Commissioner Madsen.

The county has held some meetings and have gotten pretty good turnout from the public and rural residents.

“They're passionate about their land which  I can understand, I was raised on a dairy farm northeast of round rock so I'm glad about the input we got,” said Madsen.

Growth in Wilco seems inevitable, but Cervenka is just hoping the county doesn't lose its farm charm in the process. “My husband died three years ago this is my kids legacy, we don't have any plans to sell. I don't think you could offer me enough money,” said Cervenka.

The next public open house for Corridors A-1 and E-1 will be held August 24 at the Williamson County Expo Center, from 5:00 until 7:30 p.m. More information on the other corridors can be found at .