Daniel Perry trial: Racist, anti-protester messages revealed in unsealed documents

Disturbing new messages and posts by Daniel Perry were revealed in a recently unsealed 76-page court document. These comments made by Perry include racist comments and anti-protester language. Almost all were months before he shot and killed Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster.

One week ago, Perry was found guilty of murder for killing Foster in 2020. This document became unsealed after Governor Greg Abbott called to pardon Perry and Perry’s defense team filed a motion for a new trial.

On an unknown date, a meme was recovered from Daniel Perry’s cell phone. The text at the top says, "Me: white people can’t dance lol, White people: Okay but if i call you a cotton picking n***** then I’m the racist one right? Racism works both ways, pull your pants up if you don’t want the cops killing you."

On March 30, 2020, messages took place between Daniel Perry and a phone number saved as "JUSTIN SMITH":

OUTGOING MESSAGE: I killed a homeless man by accident.

OUTGOING MESSAGE: They police already know and they let me go.

On May 31, 2020, three Facebook messages between Daniel Perry and Justin Smith:

DANIEL PERRY: I might have to kill a few people on my way to work they are rioting outside my apartment complex.

JUSTIN SMITH: make sure to use only 1 shot on the protester so if they try to flood you, You got enough rounds for them all.

DANIEL PERRY: I will only shoot the ones in front and push the pedal to the metal.

On May 31, 2020, Perry shared a meme to his Facebook. The meme says "If this symbol represents racism in America… (shows confederate flag) SO DO THESE (shows NAACP logo, Hispanic Scholarship fund, American Association for Affirmative Action, BET, UNCP, the democratic party logo, etc)".

On June 1, 2020, Perry posted a Facebook comment that said, "now it is my turn to get banned by comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to a zoo full of monkeys that are freaking out flinging their s***".

On June 1, 2020, Perry posted this status to Facebook:

"It is official I am a racist because I do not agree with people acting like animals at the zoo. I was on the side of the protestors until the started with the looting and the violence".

On June 1, 2020, Perry shared a YouTube link to Facebook with the title, "Protestors Looters Get Shot in San Antonio" with text, "Glad someone finally did something".

On June 6, 2020, there were messages between Perry and Michael Holcomb over Facebook:

PERRY: "BLM is the result of victim mentality. Also yes what happened to George Floyd is messed up but he is no martyr. His autopsy showed he had meth and fentanyl in his system."

After he shot and killed Foster on July 26th, 2020, Perry messaged Holcomb on Facebook, again.

DANIEL PERRY: I was attacked yesterday and I had to defend myself and I need to talk.


MICHAEL HOLCOMB: Okay, what happened?


FOX 7 Austin reached out to Governor Greg Abbott for a statement. His communications director, Renae Eza, responded, "All pertinent information is for the Board of Pardons and Paroles to consider, as this is part of the review process required by the Texas Constitution."

A sentencing date has yet to be set.