Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says campaign has enough signatures needed to get on Texas ballot

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was in Austin on Monday night. He held a rally downtown, hours after his campaign announced they had more than double the signatures needed to get on the ballot in Texas

"We had a historic day today in Texas," said Kennedy at the rally. 

Kennedy made a campaign stop at Brazos Hall, as he tried to gain momentum in his long-shot bid for the White House. The independent spoke about his plan to restore the middle class, reduce the national debt, reform government and protect constitutional rights, as well as his intention to tackle what he calls the "chronic disease epidemic".

"The DNC has done everything in their power to stop us, and they'll continue to do that. But we're going to get on the ballot in every single state, and I want to thank all of you who are part of this," said Kennedy.

Kennedy was joined by his running mate, California attorney Nicole Shanahan, as they addressed a crowd of a few hundred supporters. 

"We have propped up Wall Street while Main Street businesses have shuttered their windows," said Shanahan. 

Kennedy has faced criticism, including from his own family, over his stance on vaccines, as well as his comments on the January 6th riots. 

FOX 7 Austin reporter John Krinjak spoke with him one-on-one, moments before the rally started, and asked him for his response to those criticisms. 


"I'd like to know what I've ever said that's extreme. I think everything I say is common sense. It's characterized as extreme by people who don't want to hear me speak," said Kennedy. 

Some supporters arrived early Monday morning, with dozens waiting in line most of the day to get a good spot. 

"I've been here since 6 in the morning," said Sasha Ortiz of Bell County

"I have been a Democrat since college. I've never voted for an independent or a Republican. This will be my first time to vote independent," said Tracy Foshee of Oak Hill. 

Kennedy's campaign announced Monday he has more than double the number of signatures required to get on the ballot in Texas. He's currently on the ballot in just four states, with Texas among eight other states where he's poised to do so. 

I asked Kennedy if he was surprised by the signatures he was able to garner in Texas. 

"Everybody was surprised. The professionals that were collecting the signatures say they were the easiest signatures they've ever gotten.

National polls have shown Kennedy garnering anywhere from single digits to as high as 16%. Many political watchers are unsure whether his candidacy would pull more votes from President Biden or former President Trump.

"He could be a spoiler if he does well in battleground states, and then flips one of those states from maybe Biden to Trump," said Dr. Brian Smith, a political science professor at St. Edward's University