Rodney Reed's fate now in hands of district judge as hearing wraps up

Stacey Stites' family along with Rodney Reed's has been present each day listening to testimony. 

The last day consisted of witness testimony about Stacey Stites' personality at work and excitement to marry Jimmy Fennell. The defense tried to discredit one witness, by highlighting her participation in the "Stacey's Avenger" Facebook group. 

The family of Stacey Stites believes it was Rodney Reed who killed her. "There were other victims of Rodney Reed and he was a serial rapist and a murderer," said Debra Oliver, Stacey Stites’ sister.

Later the state filed a "bill of exceptions," meaning the three witnesses they brought forward would not be on the record, but the judge said he still could consider it. Vivian Harbottle-Chapman claimed it was Reed who raped her along some railroad tracks in Bastrop. Linda Schlueter claims he assaulted her and stole her car.

"I do feel like this is finally going to start coming to an end. I do feel like Rodney has been given a fair trial and a chance to show all of the evidence they wanted to show," said Oliver.

The defense put in an objection for the judge to throw out the additional testimony, even though it was off the record, because these allegations have not had a day in court and haven't been substantiated.

"I think this should have been over and done with a long time ago. We shouldn't have to keep reliving it, we are the victims," said Demi Nugent, Stites’ daughter.

It's a tale of two families, both grieving, but one thing in common, justice.

"This is a legal lynching. We are praying for the best, because we want justice, not just for Rodney, but for the Stites family," said Mark Clements, exoneree and friend of the Reed family.

The decision is now in Judge J.D. Lanlgey’s hands. He has until August 31 to make his recommendations to the Court of Criminal Appeals. He will be recommending if Reed is eligible to receive a new trial, or not.

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