Round Rock daughter follows mother's footsteps into nursing career

A daughter saw the hard work her mother did while she was growing up, and for Mother’s Day had a gift for her to show her appreciation.  

Rosa and Gabriela Klein work in Round Rock at the Baylor Scott and White hospital. Rosa is an ER nurse and Gabriela is a nurse tech.  

"I just come from a family that takes care of its elders," Rosa said. My grandmother took care of her mother, my mom took care of her mother, my dad took care of his dad, so it was just kind of second nature.   

While the mother-daughter duo work in two different units, their paths don’t cross often. But, sometimes they do.  

"She kind of sees what happens in ER and she'll get some of those patients and vice versa; I’m taking some of those people up," Rosa said. 

And while working with your mom may not be typical for everyone, Gabriela says there are a lot of times she’s thankful for.  



"A lot of times I'll go down there and see her and talk for a little bit and it's a nice little break from being there for 12 hours," she said.  

For Rosa, she says working together for the last two years has been like a gift, saying she’s extremely proud of her daughter and the work that she’s been doing.  

"I think for me, to see her is very exhilarating and exciting because I hear feedback of the things she does upstairs, so for me, I'm very proud of her," she said.  

However, Gabriela has a gift of her own for her mom this Mother's Day - she's applying to go to nursing school. "I've watched her forever be a nurse, really enjoy it, and work really hard, and it's really rewarding for her," she said.  

Gabriela added that she's seen the work her mother's done, and she wants to follow in her footsteps.  "So, I wanted to have a career like that," she said.