Round Rock delays local election until next year

An extra year is being added to the terms of three Round Rock elected officials.

The councilmembers for place 1 and 4 and the mayor will continue to serve until May 2021, something some residents are not happy about.

“They should understand that the people of Round Rock get to decide who is in power not them and I think that’s the worst thing about this,” said Round Rock resident Jon Curtis.


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Round Rock City Council recently voted to push back their already delayed local election to next year, a move that isn’t sitting right with Curtis. “There is nothing more unethical than an elected official deciding he is going to have one more year because he can,” said Curtis.

Originally the election was set for this May, but the state allowed local agencies to move their elections till November with the general election due to covid-19. Now the city is choosing to have their local election next May.

“There is absolutely no reason for them to do this,” said Curtis.

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FOX 7 Austin spoke with Round Rock mayor Craig Morgan who, while up for re-election on the ballot, is running unopposed. He explained why the council came to its decision. “It’s a tough situation I understand the frustration from folks that don’t agree with the decision not to hold it in May but we are frustrated we couldn’t hold it in May like all of our elections,” said Mayor Morgan.

Morgan said having the election in May versus November falls in line when it comes to planning the city’s budget. “You get a newly seated council that will be able to vote on what will be next year's budget and tax rate when they come on,” said Morgan.


While the election is delayed, Morgan said no new candidates can enter besides the ones who already filed. “That’s off the recommendation from the Secretary of State because all these candidates have done the appropriate work to get into the election,” said Morgan.

City council terms in Round Rock typically last three years, but because of this delay, whoever wins will only get two.


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