'Round Rock Strong': Cleanup effort continues after dangerous tornadoes

Wednesday, Cindy Gunckel and her family were cleaning up debris and talking to agencies that were surveying damage in the area. Their power was still out.

"We have a generator that is hooked up to the refrigerator, we had a lamp last night that we were able to light up," she said.

She is dealing with broken windows, broken shingles, and car windshields. She feels nothing could have prepared her for what happened Monday, when multiple tornadoes ripped through the area, including her Round Rock neighborhood in the Southeastern portion of town.

"I’m from Kansas, and I’ve never experienced it this way at all," she said.

"All of a sudden this load roar and I thought oh my gosh there is one coming here," she said, describing the tornado.

Gunckel is more fortunate than her neighbors across the street.

"We are just clearing up some of the debris and the branches because they are stuck," said J-bo Moore.

His family's roof was ripped off while he was sleeping, but miraculously no one was hurt.

"The house just started shaking, and the roof just fell apart, and we just grabbed whatever we could. It could have been worse, there were like street signs in my room," said Moore.

The wind was so strong, it also blew a street sign into Cindy Gunckel's backyard. The National Weather Service classified one of the tornadoes that hit Williamson County as an EF-2 reaching 135 miles per hour. The one that hit Jarrell is being surveyed.

"I think a safe estimate for today is there were at least 1,000 homes in Williamson County that suffered from some damage. It’s a miracle that we’ve come out with no fatalities," said Judge Bill Gravell, Williamson County.

Round Rock residents remain strong and plan to stick together to rebuild.

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