San Antonio Zoo celebrates recent baby boom on Mother's Day weekend

The San Antonio Zoo is celebrating Mother's Day weekend with dozens of new moms and babies, including joeys, chicks, fish and turtles.

In recent months, San Antonio Zoo has welcomed eight kangaroo joeys, two dama gazelles (critically endangered), one tamandua, six yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles, one Armstrong’s dusky rattlesnake, two palm cockatoos, two fairy bluebirds, one red bird of paradise, and a multitude of fish including La Palma pupfish and Charco Palma pupfish (both extinct in the wild), damba cichlids (critically endangered) and sea slugs.

"I am so excited for guests to meet the new additions to our San Antonio Zoo family," said president & CEO Tim Morrow. "Our Zoo Crew has worked exceptionally hard to ensure all of the new zoo moms and babies are happy, healthy, and thriving. Our recent baby boom is a testament to the world-class animal care our team provides."

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Kraken the kangaroo joey (San Antonio Zoo)

The zoo celebrates all new births; however, it says some are even more meaningful to securing a future for wildlife due to their conservation status in the wild.

The San Antonio Zoo also runs The Center for Conservation and Research, which seeks to fulfill the zoo’s mission statement through various approaches, including fieldwork and captive husbandry of rare and threatened species. The scope of these efforts includes projects on three continents, international research, and projects throughout the US, with an emphasis on Texas, says the zoo.

Notable projects include Texas Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project, Mexican Blind cat Program, Flatwood Salamander Project, Georgia Salamander Project, Project Selva in the Peruvian Amazon, Japanese Giant Salamander Project, and even directly beneath San Antonio working with Edwards Aquifer species such as the Texas Blind Salamander, says the zoo.