San Marcos police release new video, suspect descriptions from crime spree

With no arrests in a crime spree over Memorial Day weekend, San Marcos police are sharing new security footage with the public.

Video showed two people breaking in and rummaging through vehicles in the La Cima neighborhood on Saturday, May 25.

The getaway car, a Chevy Silverado, is pictured in the back. It also happens to be linked to another crime.

"He [a police officer] says, 'Do you guys have a black Chevy Silverado truck?'" said Anne Hudson, an Austin-based radio and TV personality with iHeartMedia.

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She spoke with FOX 7 Austin after SMPD connected her truck to multiple other vehicle burglaries.

"I was like 'What?' said Hudson. "So I get up, start running to the front, our car is parked in the driveway, and it's gone, and I was like 'oh my god, it's gone,' and he's [the officer] like, 'yup that's what I thought.'"

Hudson's Chevy Silverado was stolen from her South Austin home.

"Don't think it's not going to happen to you because I really did not think this was ever going to happen to us, like, fine break into our car, maybe but steal the car?" said Hudson. "And maybe what's next? Your house? I think just continue to be diligent, don't let your guard down thinking that it couldn't happen to you."


SMPD got the license plate number thanks to the caller who reported the burglary. The caller followed the car until dispatchers told them to stop for their own safety.

Police are still looking for the truck and the two people in the video.

The department said one suspect is a male with tattoos on his forearm. The other suspect is a female with black hair.

"I kind of want to blast it out there to figure out who these people are that are doing this because it's ramping up," said Hudson. "It's definitely a problem."

The vehicle was last seen speeding on Centerpoint Road and Wonder World Drive.

Police are asking people to report anything suspicious.