Stolen pickup truck in Austin used in crime spree in San Marcos

An Austin-based radio and TV personality with iHeartMedia is used to hitting the stage at awards shows, and interviewing country stars. 

But she’s taken to social media to share her own story, after her husband’s pickup truck was stolen from their driveway in Circle C, and used in an apparent crime spree in the wee hours of Memorial Day.

"Like 7 in the morning, I get a call," said Hudson. 

It was a San Marcos police officer, asking if she owned a black Chevy Silverado. 

"And I was like, yeah, we do. And he was like, ‘well, it's actively robbing multiple places in San Marcos right now’. And I was like, what?" said Hudson. 

She looked in her driveway. 

"I was like, oh my God, it is gone," said Hudson.

The key fob was missing as well. 

"They told us that they had been on a police chase with this vehicle and that they were driving so erratically that they backed off from it. And that's when they called me, because obviously they were able to run the plates," said Hudson.

Hudson looked at her Ring doorbell camera video, which captured the theft shortly after 4 a.m.

"We have footage of them starting the car, backing out casually and driving away casually. I would have expected they would have hauled out of there," said Hudson.

Also caught on camera, a red vehicle which apparently dropped the thieves off, and the same crooks breaking into neighbors’ cars minutes earlier. 


Hudson and her husband reported the truck stolen to Austin police right away, but since then there’s been no sign of it. 

"At this point, I don't want it back. To me, it feels like a complete violation. I don't want anything to do with that. But my husband loves his truck, so he's hoping to get it back," said Hudson.

San Marcos police say they’re looking into the incident and reviewing footage from there, but so far no word on any arrests. 

The whole thing has made Hudson feel less safe in her normally quiet neighborhood, and she says she’ll definitely be beefing up security at her home.