San Marcos student housing complex burglarized for second time in a year

San Marcos police were called to the Village on Telluride last month for an intruder inside of one of the townhomes.

"The complainant advised that she had come home and walked up to her bedroom and found her roommate's backpack on her bed, which she found odd, and it had some jewelry in it," said Sgt. Kye Kennedy with the San Marcos Police Department.

Police say she picked up the bag and walked toward her roommate’s room, when she made contact with an unknown man.

"She saw a male subject run out of her bedroom, which she was in, and run out of the apartment," Sgt. Kennedy said.

The suspect ran out through the backdoor. Police say he may have entered through a window. 

"She described him as a black male in his 20s, athletic build with a crew cut, wearing a gray shirt and gray sweatpants," Sgt. Kennedy said. "She received information from one of her neighbors, he attempted to open her door, and they had him on a doorbell camera."

In September 2023, a separate intruder entered multiple townhomes at the same complex. The tenants FOX 7 Austin spoke with had a similar story.

"He just runs out of my room, runs out of my apartment. All the bedrooms are upstairs, so I kind of, like, chased him out to the hallway to see who he is, but I just see the back of him," said burglary victim Jennifer Quintanar.

"We were chilling in the kitchen, and out of nowhere we just see some guy walk into our apartment, and we have no idea who he is," said burglary victim Cody Moreno.

"We have issues where, and again, this issue with multiple roommates and people not locking their doors, of people walking into the wrong apartment, people who might be intoxicated," Sgt. Kennedy said. "All these apartment buildings look alike."


According to San Marcos police, there have been 59 calls for service to the complex since Jan. 1. Among those: one burglary, one burglary of a vehicle, three criminal mischief incidents and three suspicious activities calls.

"Village of Telluride, or that area, isn't seeing an increase in crime as compared to the rest of the city," Sgt. Kennedy said. 

The police department is advising tenants to protect themselves and their belongings.

"Make sure that you know who you're living with, make sure that you are familiar with the people that do come and go, lock your doors, and as far as thefts go, actual burglaries, make sure you have an inventory of your personal items," Sgt. Kennedy said.